Tech companies introduce product updates to celebrate LGBTQ Pride Month

26 Jun 2017 | By Shiladitya Ray

To commemorate the LGBTQ Pride Month, tech companies in Silicon Valley are showing their support to the cause by introducing small, quirky updates to their products.

While much work needs to be done on part of tech companies to improve LGBTQ visibility in the tech community, companies have slowly, but surely extended their support to the LGBTQ community over the last few years.

In context: Tech companies show their support to LGBTQ Pride

26 Jun 2017Tech companies introduce product updates to celebrate LGBTQ Pride Month

Why is LGBTQ Pride celebrated in June?

June was chosen as the LGBTQ Pride month in order to commemorate the Stonewall riots which took place in June 1969 in New York City. The incident marks one of the most important events leading up to LGBTQ movements in the United States.
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Apple and Facebook show their solidarity

Apple, FacebookApple and Facebook show their solidarity

Apple launched their Pride Edition Apple Watch band priced at $49 which flies the colours of the LGBTQ community. Additionally, some of the proceeds from the sales will go to LGBTQ advocacy and activism groups like GLSEN and the Trevor Project.

Meanwhile, Facebook added a Pride reaction button this year despite ongoing tensions between the company and the LGBTQ community.

Google, InstagramGoogle and Instagram launch Pride-inspired updates

Google announced an update in which Pride parade routes in 35 cities will show up on Google Maps for both iOS and Android. Additionally, a special Pride parade icon will list the special events to be held.

Instagram launched worldwide Pride-inspired photo project, along with a special set of LGBTQ stickers to show its support for Pride 2017.

Twitter, SnapchatSnapchat dedicates stories to Pride celebrations; Twitter launches hashtag icon

Twitter launched a new hashtag icon which combines a rainbow Pride flag along with a pink and blue transgender flag. The icon can be accessed by using #Pride2017, #LoveisLove, and #PrideMonth.

Meanwhile Snapchat launched Pride-specific stories, a Pride-inspired sticker set, Pride-inspired geofilters, and a rainbow emoji brush. Pride-specific stories will document ongoing LGBTQ celebrations across the world.

Uber, LyftRide hailing companies do their bit for LGBTQ Pride

Ride hailing apps Uber and Lyft offered their own set of updates.

In local markets like Seattle, Uber announced that it would offer on-demand drag shows, while promoting LGBTQ Pride parades and events on their website.

Lyft announced that it would donate $100,000 to LGBTQ causes in the coming months. It also launched a voluntary donation feature on its app for LGBTQ causes.

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OthersSkype, Spotify, and Salesforce show their support to LGBTQ Pride

Cloud computing company Salesforce decked their headquarters in LGBTQ colours with the hashtag #EqualityForAll.

Meanwhile Skype introduced a new set of LGBTQ stickers, and a colourful gradient text background.

Spotify, instead of just settling for rainbow coloured themes and the like, created a music collection to support LGBTQ Pride.