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26 Jun 2017

US' first welcome signage in Punjabi is now live

Punjabi reaches American welcome signages

After leaving its mark in Canada, Punjabi language has reached the US. The city of Norwich in Connecticut has become the first American city to have welcome signs in Punjabi.

Along with messages in Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, Italian and German, the sign now says, "Ji Aaiyan Nu".

Resident Swaranjit Khalsa requested and helped design the board, with some help from diverse groups of friends.

In context

Punjabi reaches American welcome signages
Diverse locals chipped in for the signages


Diverse locals chipped in for the signages

Khalsa was funded by the local Sikh community. He then convinced the city "how important it is to show people that (Norwich) is open to everyone".

His friend Asif Mohomad helped with the Arabic font. It was done for a Syrian refugee family in town. Prof Bill Howe designed the Chinese.

Khalsa wanted to include more languages, but couldn't due to space limitation.

Where are the new signs?

The new signages will be visible at entry points from Exit 29 of RT-2, near Backus Hospital, and also at Exit 80 at West Main Street (New Exit 11).

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