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28 Jun 2017

Global Entry Program: Indians eligible for speedy entry into US

India has formally been inducted into the US' Global Entry Program, which means low-risk nationals can now get speedy entry into America after landing.

Instead of standing in long lines for immigration, members of the program can simply move through automatic kiosks with their machine-readable passports or US permanent resident cards.

This is expected to boost business and education ties between the two countries.

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US' Global Entry Program extends to India
What is the Global Entry Program?


What is the Global Entry Program?

The initiative of the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) facilitates speedy clearance for low-risk visitors seeking entry into the country.

Before being enrolled, travelers are subjected to strict background checks and personal interviews, after which they are approved for the program.

Presently, citizens of UK, Germany, Colombia, Panama, Singapore, Switzerland, Mexico and South Korea are eligible. Canadians can apply through the NEXUS program.


Who can apply and how?

Currently, interested individuals have to make an account on the Global Online Enrollment System on the CBP website. There's a nominal non-refundable application fee.

After reviewing the application, CBP will conditionally approve it, post which the applicant will be interviewed.

Those with past criminal records, or associated with money laundering cases, or have violated any customs/immigration laws in any country are ineligible.

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Which airports are covered under the program?

All major American airports including New York, Washington, Dallas, Austin, Newark, Houston, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami San Jose and Seattle are covered under the program. Airports at Dublin (Ireland), Toronto and Vancouver (Canada) and Abu Dhabi (UAE) are also covered.

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