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30 Jun 2017

South Korea vows to support Trump over North Korea

South Korea's recently elected President Moon Jae-in vowed to stand firmly with US President Donald Trump against North Korea.

Moon's statement came during his inaugural presidential visit to Washington where he appeared to play down his past stance of a softer approach towards Pyongyang.

His statement comes as North Korea warned the UN Security Council it would keep expanding its nuclear arsenal.

In context

Recent developments in US-South Korea-North Korea ties
North Korea to continue nuclear program despite US sanctions


North Korea to continue nuclear program despite US sanctions

North Korea's UN Ambassador Kim In Ryong told the UN Security Council his country would continue building its nuclear forces despite the US' sanctions and its outdated "hostile policy."

Kim's statement comes as US National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster said Washington is preparing for "all options" against North Korea and that President Trump has "made clear" he won't accept it as a nuclear power.

North Korea says US-South Korean joint military drills provoking war

The North Korean ambassador said the US military's "aggressive" joint exercises with South Korean troops earlier this year placed the opposing parties closest to war in 50 years. He accused the US of sparking confrontation by deploying the THAAD and other weapons in South Korea.

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Missile Defence

US unhappy with Moon's decision to delay full THAAD deployment

US officials were left surprised by Moon's recent decision to delay the full deployment of the US military's THAAD system along with 28,000 American troops to protect against North Korean missiles.

The deployment was supported by Moon's predecessor government despite opposition by locals and China.

The latest move comes despite a series of North Korean nuclear-capable ballistic missile test launches.

Moon favors talks with North Korea, Trump disagrees

Contentious topic

Moon favors talks with North Korea, Trump disagrees

Moon said the US and South Korea "will achieve the dismantlement of North Korea's nuclear program."

Moon will be holding face-to-face bilateral talks with Trump on June 30 where they will discuss North Korea.

Moon has called for dialogue with the North but "under the right conditions." Trump however, opposes talks, preferring harsher sanctions.

North Korea hasn't shown any signs of restarting talks.


North Korea threatens to kill ex-South Korean president Park

Pyongyang has threatened to "impose the death penalty" on South Korea's impeached president Park Geun-Hye for allegedly plotting to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un.

The North's security ministry and prosecutors have accused Park of sanctioning a plan by South Korean intelligence agency's to kill its leadership.

The death threats come after South Korean President Moon called Kim "unreasonable" and "very dangerous."

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