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30 Jun 2017

Republicans slam Trump over his sexist tweet on female journalist

Trump shamed by Republicans over misogynistic tweet

It is no surprise when we hear a controversy surrounding US President Donald Trump as time and again he has been embroiled in one. The latest to recount is the sexist tweet he made on prominent female journalist Mika Brzezinski.

Trump called Mika Brzezinski "low IQ crazy Mika" in his tweet with response to the remarks about him on MSNBC show.

In context

Trump shamed by Republicans over misogynistic tweet
How this sexist tweet stemmed from US President Trump?

Twitter tirade

How this sexist tweet stemmed from US President Trump?

It all started when journalist Brzezinski and her co-presenter Scarborough at MSNBC breakfast show, Morning Joe, derided President Trump. Reportedly, this ridiculing of the President started since he took office.

In recent weeks, Scarborough called Trump a "bumbling dope" while Brzezinski mocked members of the administration as "lobotomised".

The US President thereby hit back at Brzezinski saying "She was bleeding badly from a face-lift".

Trump shamed

Trump faces Republicans ire

Senator Lindsey Graham said the US President's remarks were "beneath the office" of President stating that it represented what was going wrong with America.

Republican senator Ben Sasse too tweeted and asked the President to stop saying that "this isn't normal".

House Speaker Paul Ryan also critiqued Trump saying "I don't see this as an appropriate comment".

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White House comes to Trump's defence

Trump defended

White House comes to Trump's defence

While everyone criticized Trump over his nasty remark, White House defended Trump.

Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said that people on the MSNBC show had ridiculed the President every now and then, so he hit back. She also said that Trump won't be bullied back.

Meanwhile, US first lady Melania Trump too backed the President.

Where is Melania Trump's campaign on cyber bullying going?

Melania Trump once said that her key issue as the US first lady would be to combat cyber bullying. However, Donald Trump's sexist remarks on Twitter over a female journalist Brzezinski and the former defending Trump is ironical.

Trump's sexist remarks

List of Donald Trump's misogynistic statements

While the list is a long one, here are few of Trump's sexist remarks:

He accused Hillary Clinton of playing the woman card during the US Presidential elections.

Trump hurled sexist comments at Fox representer Megyn Kelly when she questioned the former's loathing of women.

He also called noted Hollywood actor Meryl Streep as "overrated" after the actress criticized Trump as a bully.

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