#SikkimStandoff: India, China deploy 3,000 troops each in disputed area

01 Jul 2017 | Written by Abheet Sethi; Edited by Anupama Vijayakumar

The India-China troop face-off along the Sikkim-Bhutan-Tibet tri-junction in Doklam appears to have intensified with both the Indian and Chinese armies deploying 3,000 troops each, in a near eyeball-to-eyeball situation, according to sources.

Indian Army chief General Bipin Rawat visited Gangtok and Kalimpong to review the situation.

"Both sides are as yet not willing to budge from their positions," a source said.

In context: #SikkimStandOff intensifies amid troop deployment

30 Jun 2017Remember 1962, stop asking for war: China to India

Accusing India of transgressing into its territory, China's People's Liberation Army spokesperson, Wu Qian asked India to remember lessons from its defeat in the 1962 war with China and to stop asking for war.

He was reacting to Gen. Bipin Rawat's statement that India was ready for a two-and-a-half-front war.

Qian further identified withdrawal of Indian troops as a pre-condition for settling the stand-off.

Sikkim stand-offWhat has happened so far?

China accused India of halting its road construction in the Donglang area near Sikkim, while India says that it stopped the PLA which transgressed into the Doka La area and destroyed two bunkers.

China stopped Indian pilgrims from undertaking the Kailash-Mansarovar Yatra through Nathu La through Sikkim to Tibet.

Maintaining that Donglang is part of its territory, Bhutan accused China of violating its boundaries.

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01 Jul 2017#SikkimStandoff: India, China deploy 3,000 troops each in disputed area

Jaitley says India of 2017 different from 1962

Defence Minister Arun Jaitley said India of 2017 is very different from the India of 1962. His statement was in response to China which asked the Indian Army to learn from 'historical lessons', a reference to its defeat in the 1962 Sino-Indian war.
India says Chinese road construction has 'serious' security implications

MEA statementIndia says Chinese road construction has 'serious' security implications

The Indian Ministry of External Affairs earlier expressed deep concern over China's decision to construct a road near the disputed Doklam region near Sikkim.

It said the move represents a major alteration in the status quo, having 'serious' security implications for India.

The MEA also noted the Bhutanese foreign ministry's statement that the Chinese road construction inside its territory violated existing bilateral agreements.

Source: Chinese road in Doklam can support light tanks, artillery

"China is trying to build a 'Class-40 road' in the Doklam plateau that can take the weight of military vehicles weighing up to 40 tonnes, which include light battle tanks, artillery guns and the like," a source told the Times of India.