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03 Jul 2017

Restrictions on H-1B visa? O-IB, EB-1A visas come to rescue

With the growing impositions on H-1B visas, another kind of visas is gaining traction and that is the O-IB visa which is non-immigration visa per say.

O-IB category is the one which does not have a cap on the number of visas issued each year.

The other category which is being availed is the EB-1A visa, which allows one to reside permanently in US.

In context

Niche US visas gaining popularity among Indians

What is the O-IB visa all about?

O-IB visa also referred to as the artist's visa is a less rigorous standard visa whose requirement is that of 'distinction'. The O-IB visa is basically for individuals with an extraordinary ability in the arts or achievement in motion picture and television industry.

EB-1A visas: What is its use?

Under the EB-1A category, the US government has listed ten categories of evidentiary requirements such as published works in periodicals, documentation of international, national awards or recognition in performing arts, to name a few. This category sees people applying for a green card in US.

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Immigration attorneys talk about their challenges


Immigration attorneys talk about their challenges

Immigration experts who help out their clients with either of the two visas, that is O-1B and EB-1A visas, said that their major challenge lies in providing substantial proof that is acceptable to the specific official assigned to the case.

They also spoke about the need for proper packaging of the evidence for review by the US Department of Homeland Security officials.

The impact

How will the niche visas affect Indians?

The unsettled nature of H-1B visas would probably not haunt Indians as much as the alternatives like O-IB and EB-1A are lucrative.

Considering one has all the documents to support his choice of visa, Indians can continue dreaming of overseas.

However, since the process to avail such niche visas is highly subjective, the uncertainty still looms large.

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