France: Gunmen open fire outside mosque, eight injured

03 Jul 2017 | By Gogona Saikia
Spate of attacks in France

Two gunmen opened fire outside a mosque in Avignon in southern France, injuring eight people. There are no reports of deaths.

Worshippers were confronted by the suspects as they were leaving the Arrahma mosque at about 10:30pm local time.

Four people were wounded outside the mosque. Another four were injured while in their apartment.

However, it isn't suspected to be a terrorist attack.

In context: Spate of attacks in France

03 Jul 2017France: Gunmen open fire outside mosque, eight injured

DetailsWhat happened?

Four men approached the location in a Renault Clio and two stepped out holding handguns and shotguns.

People started to run when they saw the weapons. In the meanwhile, they opened fire. The other two men remained inside the vehicle.

However, according to sources, people leaving the mosque weren't the intended target. The attack was believed to be the consequence of a personal dispute.

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France on alert amid spate in terror attacks

This comes two days after a man tried to mow down people outside a mosque in Paris, though unsuccessfully. Amid a spate of attacks in France in recent times, the country is on alert and has upped security.