What are the 'wildest things' flyers carry?


06 Jul 2017

Goldfish, bathtubs, dead cows: 'Wildest items' Virgin Atlantic flyers carry

British airline Virgin Atlantic has revealed some of the "wildest items" passengers have requested to carry with them, including a water-filled bag with live goldfish (from Barbados), a bath tub (from London to Johannesburg), and even an entire dead cow wrapped in bubble-wrap!

But Indians haven't been left behind either: someone requested to carry a bed's headboard from Delhi.


That's not all from India!

That's not all from India!

Apparently, requests by Indians to carry headboards to their new homes elsewhere aren't very uncommon.

Clear regional patterns also threw up brooms and folding beds as frequent requests!

"(Indian) students usually ask if they can carry mangoes and pressure cookers, Maggi and ready to eat food packs," the statement said.

The airlines studied global airport teams to arrive at this intriguing list.


Other wild things on Virgin's list

A variety of animals, "ranging from fish and a budgie on a customer's shoulder", were noticed on passengers' demand lists.

Automobiles seem to be another favorite, with items like car engines, loose tyres, and even a car bumper.

The findings, that also included a large fridge freezer trying to travel from Las Vegas, revealed car tyres were common requests in Lagos.

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Tips for passengers from a top Virgin executive

"We fly to eclectic destinations, so it's only right to expect eclectic baggage!" says Mark Anderson, executive VP of customer, adding passengers should check on the website which items are allowed. Those who wish to transport freezers can always use Virgin's cargo service, he says.

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