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07 Jul 2017

Indian Embassy in UAE prevents fake job offers to Indians

700 fake jobs thwarted by UAE Indian Embassy

India's Ambassador to the UAE Navdeep Singh Suri said that in last six months over 700 fake job offers have been made to Indians in the UAE which have been thwarted by the Indian embassy.

Suri said it was alarming that many enquiries for Indian citizens for employment purposes came up.

He also reported that among the numerous job offers only 66 were genuine.

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700 fake jobs thwarted by UAE Indian Embassy
Indian Embassy reassures help

Indian envoy

Indian Embassy reassures help

Indian's Ambassador to UAE Suri said that Indians seeking jobs in the middle eastern country are being misled and tempted with bogus pay packages.

However, Suri said that Indians should check with the Embassy before accepting these fancy jobs.

Ambassador Suri said that the Indian Embassy in UAE is there to help their people and save them from such bogus parties.


Indian Embassy in UAE: How does it help Indian citizens?

The Indian Embassy in UAE has a welfare arm known as the Indian Workers Resource Centre (IRWC) which helps the Indians getting the job offers verified in the middle eastern country.

The Embassy checks with the officials concerned and gets back to the Indians trying their luck in UAE.

It also checks the visas given to the Indians seeking jobs to testify its authenticity.

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How con men trap prospective Indian job seekers?

The honey trap

How con men trap prospective Indian job seekers?

The Indian Embassy explained how frauds conned men and created fake websites and logos of companies thereby sending offer letters to people.

Those seeking jobs outside India for a better sum of money are then made to pay for visa processing.

The Embassy also said that in some cases, fraudulent companies offer jobs through email without even taking an interview.


Verify job offers before plunging: Indian Embassy in UAE

The Indian Embassy in UAE's Community Affairs' First Secretary Dinesh Kumar told how to be cautious of the conmen.

He mentioned that people could send their job offers and visas which could be verified by emailing IWRC at help@iwrcuae.in

Kumar also said how social media alerts have been put up on their website to keep a check on the conmen.

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