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10 Jul 2017

Trump, Putin, G20 summit and a terrible romance novel

Neither of them wanted to stop.

"These are the ones hurting you?" Putin asked. Trump's reply came, "These are the ones. You're right about that."

No, I am not reading out from a romance novel. These are the excerpts from exchanges and statements that occurred when Trump met Putin. But, then again how is it any different?

This is what modern-day romance looks like.

In context

Trump-Putin love story is a recipe for disaster
Where has politics landed itself


Where has politics landed itself

Our hero is a hardened man who has seen life. He has often been accused of doing things which are borderline illegal. No one can say for sure because somehow, his enemies have an exceptionally short lifespan.

Our heroine comes from a rich spoiled background and often ends up saying things which make no sense but keeps on insisting that it is the truth.

Fake news

Fake news alert

Both have their own kingdom and subjects. There are rumors, and I am using "rumors" very casually here, that they are not much liked.

But one can't say for certain because the protagonists have assured us that they're just rumors. As we're talking about rumors - they've also not met. Did they talk over phone, yes but met, no. Fake news by hate mongers.

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Fumbling, bumbling love

So they meet one fated day, in a star-studded gala called G-20 summit. Trump, the damsel in distress shakes golden tresses and says, "We've had some very … uh … very good talks," and then after some hesitation, "We're going to have a talk now and obviously, that will continue."

Things lovers have to do to hide from this cruel world and hatemongers.


Overseas phone bills are pricey

Putin responds, "We spoke over the phone. But phone calls are never enough definitely. I'm delighted to be able to meet you personally."

Reporters are eternal pessimists. What they are calling a dangerous liaison and catastrophic are just two lovers coming together. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson glibly said that they did talk and even Melania Trump couldn't put an end to it.

Why are the analysts afraid?


Why are the analysts afraid?

It is the affair of the century. An inexperienced president with no political background and no idea of tact meets a hardliner, who has been ruling and not serving his country for years. The American bald eagle of independence meets the Siberian bear.

It's no wonder that political analysts are having sleepless nights. It is that proverbial thin ice you don't want to shatter.


This is not a romance novel

As a politically aware individual, one can only chalk out the disasters that might occur in the future. But for now, it is also a high-school drama between two politicians that have their fingers on a red button which can start World War III.

Political pow-wows are extremely misleading these days. But as long as Trump regime remains, this uncomfortable, uneasy feeling will continue.

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