Trump's proposal to block 'start-up visas' irks tech firms

11 Jul 2017 | By Abheet Sethi

Towards the end of his administration, President Barack Obama finalized the International Entrepreneur Rule.

The measure would allow non-US citizens who launched start-ups that won government grants worth $100,000 or $250,000 in VC investment to stay in America for renewable 30-month period.

The Trump administration plans to rescind the program, which would take effect from July 17, as part of its stringent immigration rules.

In context: Trump plans to block 'startup visa' program

BackgroundTech companies criticize Trump's tightening immigration policies

US President Donald Trump's decision to ban citizens of six predominantly-Muslim countries from coming to America was criticized by several companies.

Over 160 tech firms, including Amazon, Facebook and Google's parent company Alphabet filed a joint legal brief criticizing Trump's executive order.

Tech firms have also opposed the administration's attempts to restrict H-1B visa access to high-skilled workers.

11 Jul 2017Trump's proposal to block 'start-up visas' irks tech firms

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Trump said program may be delayed, temporarily rescinded

The Trump administration announced it would delay the International Entrepreneur Rule, also known as the "start-up visa," until next March because the Department of Homeland Security has launched an additional review into it. Temporarily, the administration has proposed rescinding the program.
Tech companies criticize Trump administration's move

Criticism Tech companies criticize Trump administration's move

The program was favoured by those in the tech industry who have criticized Trump's move.

Steve Case, founder of America Online called it a "Big mistake," adding that "Immigrant entrepreneurs are job makers, not job takers."

The National Venture Capital Association said while countries are trying to "attract and retain" talented individuals establish and grow innovative companies, the Trump administration is doing the opposite.