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13 Jul 2017

Democrat Congressman moves for Trump's impeachment in the House

Congressman Al Green from Texas, who has been calling for Trump's impeachment became the first legislator to raise the issue in the House of Commons.

Speaking passionately to the House, he demanded them to impeach Donald Trump for 'obstruction of justice'.

A recent discovery indicated that ex-FBI Director James Comey was asked by Trump to halt the investigation against ex-National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

In context

Trump's impeachment: Things get moving!

What is impeachment?

Under the Constitution, impeachment is the process by which "the president, vice president and all civil officers of the United States" can be charged with "high crimes and misdemeanors," and removed from office if convicted of those charges.

What context is this happening in?


What context is this happening in?

The Trump administration have been under fire for its alleged Russia connections.

Russia is rumoured to have interfered in US elections to help Donald Trump win.

According to a Memo, Trump is reported to have told ex-FBI director James Comey to let the investigation against ex-NSA Michael Flynn's Russia connections go, resulting in a political momentum building up for Trump's impeachment.

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Green's passionate appeal

"Each member of Congress has to make his/her decision. This is where I stand, I will not be moved. The President must be impeached. That is our job, to be sober, to be passionate and to follow the facts wherever they may lead," Green stated.


The Trump impeachment memo

The Articles of Impeachment against Trump has been co-drafted by Congressmen Green and Brad Sherman.

The draft cites several instances of obstructions to justice caused by Trump including Comey's revelations and his subsequent firing due to Trump's displeasure at his handling of the investigation.

The memo also mentions that after Comey's firing, Trump said "I faced great pressure because of Russia. That's taken off."

How does it work?


How does it work?

Impeachment proceedings are initiated in the House of Representatives. It is followed by an investigation and vote, which shall decide on 'whether the President should be impeached'.

The Senate then commences a trial presided over by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Two-thirds of the senate has to then vote in favour of the President's impeachment, after which the Vice-President is sworn in.

Impeachment trivia!

Three Presidents: Andrew Jackson, Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton have so far been impeached in the US. However, none of them got to the final decisive stage. While Nixon resigned ahead of the proceedings, Jackson and Clinton were absolved by the Senate.


Trump's Impeachment: Not so easy

It's important to note that presidents Johnson, Nixon and Clinton, who faced impeachment, were against a Congress controlled by political enemies or opposition parties.

In Trump's case, the Republicans control Congress who remains popular among voters.

There's a good chance that Congressional Republicans would give him the benefit of the doubt for the scandal for which he can argue plausible deniability.

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