Romanians march in protest against corruption

5 Nov 2015 | By Vaneet Randhawa

More than 70,000 people in Romania took to the streets in protest.

Another 35,000 marched across Bucharest and filled the centre of the city obstructing traffic in the region.

Previously, the PM- Victor Ponta had resigned but this failed to appease the public.

Those marching chanted "You can't buy me with a resignation or two" protesting against the endemic corruption in the country.

In context: Angry Romania demands end to corruption

31 Oct 2015Nightclub fire leaves 27 dead, 184 injured in Romania

A nightclub caught fire in Romania killing 27 people and the government said that the number was expected to rise.

The government declared a 3-day mourning after the tragedy that left almost 184 people injured.

The fire took place inside a nightclub which featured fireworks that led to the fire.

The fire resulted in a stampede as there was only one fire-exit.

Previous firework fires that caused havoc

Similar fireworks had caused the nightclub fires in Perm (Russia) that killed 156 people in 2009 and in Argentina’s Buenos Aires in 2004 where 194 people had died.
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Protest in Romania over government's corruption

3 Oct 2015Protest in Romania over government's corruption

The death toll rose to 32 in Romania and thousands of people protested demanding that the cabinet resigned.

The people criticised the government for its corruption, upset about the way officials gave permits and examined public venues.

Protesters carried banners saying "Corruption Kills" and chanting "Murderers!"

The fire in Bucharest was one of the country's gravest in decades.

3 Nov 2015Government action: Too little, too late

Rising protests made the Romanian parliament pass supplementary legislation that would allow for emergency response authority to promptly close venues that do not have permits.

Romania's premier Ponta declared that he had discharged the head of the consumer protection agency for neglect and oversight.

The mayor refusing to step-down said a monument would be built in the place of accident to commemorate the victims.

4 Nov 2015Romanian PM Ponta steps down

Huge protests in Romania forced its Prime Minister Victor Ponta to step down from office under pressure due to the fire.

The people had also asked the deputy PM, mayor and other officials to resign.

Ponta while putting up his resignation said "I have the obligation to acknowledge that there is legitimate anger in society," and said that he couldn't fight the people.

5 Nov 2015Romanians march in protest against corruption