Nawaz Sharif's ouster could strengthen Pak army, India worried

13 Jul 2017 | Written by Abheet Sethi; Edited by Shiladitya Ray

Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif has suffered a serious setback after it was revealed that his daughter and supposed heir apparent Maryam Sharif, had concealed ownership of the family's offshore assets and business interests.

PM Sharif faces removal from his position or being left powerless.

For India, worryingly, this has raised security concerns as Sharif's ouster could facilitate the Pakistani army's return to power.

In context: What Sharif's corruption scandal means for India

12 Jul 2017How a Microsoft font may bring down Nawaz Sharif govt?

In the midst of a deepening political crisis in Pakistan, the daughter of under-fire Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif, Maryam, might have struck the final blow to the Sharif government.

Maryam, while allegedly forging documents dating back to 2006, had used a Microsoft Word font which was nonexistent back then.

Sharif's fate rests in the hands of Pakistan's Supreme Court now.

DetailsDetails of Sharif's daughter's faux pas

Maryam had used the "Calibri" font while allegedly forging documents dating back to 2006.

The font had not been available for public use before 31st January, 2007, thereby challenging Maryam's filing of documents.

The fraud, detected by a team investigating illegal offshore assets flagged in the Panama Papers, puts the precarious Sharif government at serious risk.

Sharif himself is facing charges of possible corruption.

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Corruption chargeThe corruption charge against Nawaz Sharif

Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif is currently being investigated by the Pakistan Supreme Court on charges of possible corruption.

Calling into question the legitimacy of Sharif's family's wealth, the probe demanded that the accused explain the sources of their wealth.

If Sharif's family fails to do so, the Supreme Court shall assume that the PM and his family are guilty of corruption.

13 Jul 2017Nawaz Sharif's ouster could strengthen Pak army, India worried

Army returnSharif's possible ouster could lead army back to power

A possible change of regime in Pakistan could leave the army brass with the job of governance and deciding foreign policy.

From former Pakistani army chief Ashfaq Kayani to current chief Qamar Bajwa, the army has been loathing to get rid of the prevailing civilian government.

This is despite the fact that the all-powerful army pretty much runs Pakistan from closed curtains.

20 Jul 2017Sharif says Clinton offered $5bn to not carry nuclear tests

PM Nawaz Sharif said if he hadn't cared about Pakistan, he would've accepted $5 billion from US President Bill Clinton for not carrying out nuclear tests in 1998.

Pakistan had tested days after India conducted nuclear weapons tests in Pokhran in May 1998.

Sharif is facing increasing pressure to step down after an investigation found him guilty for allegedly forging documents and concealing assets.

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Why?Too early to discount Sharif?

Sharif and his ruling PML(N) party remain defiant and have rejected the opposition's calls for resignation.

Sharif remains popular in Pakistan and his ouster, followed by a potential army regime is something his Saudi backers would not want.

Additionally, the US, which supports democracy in Pakistan too wouldn't take kindly to army rule.

The PML(N) has vowed to challenge the corruption charges.

Impact on IndiaPakistan could ratchet Kashmir issue to deflect from crisis

The developments in Pakistan have raised red flags in India.

Whenever Pakistan goes through a crisis, Pakistani leaders turn the spotlight towards India and Kashmir to deflect public anger.

Kashmir is already reeling under a serious Pakistan-sponsored insurgency and the recent attack on Amarnath yatris in Anantnag signals a worsening situation.

India should still plan ahead for a possible post-Sharif regime.