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17 Jul 2017

US could have captured Osama as early as 2002

A tell-all book on Osama's downfall

Investigative journalists Adrian Levy and Cathy Scott-Clark's new book 'The Exile' has revealed some shocking details on the 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda.

The book also talks about how the US missed out on opportunities to apprehend Osama bin Laden for a number of times in the years 2002 and 2003.

All because it was too focused on invading Iraq.

In context

A tell-all book on Osama's downfall
US-Iran tumultuous relationship to be blamed


US-Iran tumultuous relationship to be blamed

In the year 2002, the religious shura of al-Qaeda, the military council and most of Osama's family member had found sanctuary in Iran.

The Revolutionary Guards planned to offer them up to the US as a part of ongoing reforms.

However, the 2002 Axis of Evil speech by George Bush ruined the chances of improving the ties between the two countries.


Did Osama cause his own downfall

According to The Exile, Osama was compromised because of his vision of himself and his megalomaniac ego.

Despite him being an abusive father, the large family remained a stable unit while in hiding in Pakistan. However, his decision to take in a child from Yemen as his fourth wife left everybody furious.

Many of his advisers and the head of security left him then.

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The family he left behind


The family he left behind

After years of struggle, Levy and Clark managed to interview many of Osama's wives and children.

Describing the family as bright and funny but paranoid after being blamed for living a life of not their choosing, they are now left stateless with no nationality and travel documents.

Without any skills, the children have no means to support themselves.

A crime series on organized crime in Mumbai

The Exile writers Adrian Levy and Cathy Scott-Clark are now making a true crime series out of Mumbai called Bombay Lieutenant. The series is based on two decades of IS meddling, organized criminals, corrupt politicians and sportsmen.

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