Two killed, 170 injured in major quake in Turkey, Greece

21 Jul 2017 | By Gogona Saikia

At least two people were killed and over 150 injured, many of them tourists, when an earthquake of 6.7 magnitude struck near the Aegean Sea in Turkey and Greece last night.

Two died and 100 were injured in the Greek holiday island Kos, particularly famous among British travelers.

Another 70 were wounded in Turkey's Bodrum as the disaster struck at 1:31am local time.

In context: Hundreds injured in major earthquake in Turkey, Greece

21 Jul 2017Two killed, 170 injured in major quake in Turkey, Greece

DamageSea levels rose, establishments were damaged, rubble all over

The Greek port of Kos, located near a tourist hub, suffered extensive damage. The roof of a bar collapsed.

Local media published images of rising sea levels and rubble across the region. A fishing boat was seen on the road.

Sea levels rose in Bodrum's Gumbet district too, damaging establishments.

Footage from Mugla province showed cars shaking and things falling off shelves at stores.

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Post-disaster ops: Greece airlifts trapped people, Turkey warns of aftershocks

Greece is airlifting people to Rhodes island for treatment. European authorities have warned of a small tsunami, but Turkish officials have predicted large waves. They have also directed locals to stay prepared for aftershocks.
Turkey's location makes it prone to major tremors

HistoryTurkey's location makes it prone to major tremors

Turkey, located between the Eurasian and Arabian plates, is prone to tremors. This is the year's second one over magnitude 6.

In October 2011, a 7.2 magnitude quake killed over 600 in Turkey's Van province. Twenty years ago in 1999, 20,000 were killed in the northwest in two massive quakes.

The same year, 143 people died in Greece in a 5.9 magnitude earthquake.