Bizarre Saudi govt. advisory for India job seekers


23 Jul 2017

'Forbidden': A guide for Indian job seekers in Saudi

Cut it out! That is what a government advisory states to Indian job seekers in Saudi Arabia. Obscene clips on your mobile or laptop or anything which suggests black magic must be ruled out before you hop off on a plane to Saudi.

Not just this! There are a number of dos and don'ts announced by the government. Let's take a look.

Govt. advisory

Do not carry forbidden items in Saudi Arabia

Do not carry forbidden items in Saudi Arabia

According to the government advisory, any obscene material on one's phone/laptop etc are prohibited.

It also included information on how people could get accustomed to local customs and laws.

Sorcery and witchcraft are banned and punishable with severe penalties, including death.

Also, narcotic drugs, pork, poppy seeds, khat leaves, pan masala and text related to any religion other than Islam is forbidden.

New guidelines

Keeping a check on 'recruitment agents'

As per revised instructions, Indians have been warned about recruitment agents, who dupe them in a number of ways such as by not handing over their contracts.

It also states that recruitment agents cannot take service charge of more than Rs. 20,000.

Job seekers have also been told to ensure employment details in both Arabic and English before leaving the country.

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Visa fee, air tickets among the many services provided

Visa fee, air tickets among the many services provided

Although there are numerous restrictions, the Saudi law warrants the employers to bear expenses such as visa fee and air tickets for the foreign employees.

Also, Saudi Arabia's labour ministry gives free phone SIM card to all its foreign employees.

However, the Saudi government has advised Indian workers to carry an inexpensive mobile phone - preferably a low-budget smart phone.


Here's a look at the things banned in Saudi Arabia

If you were thinking the new rules were bad enough, here's a check list to follow.

Women cannot go out alone, they can't drive in the country either. When it comes to work, there are gender employment restrictions.

Public displays of religious beliefs for all religions as well as public physical activity for women are prohibited.

Music lessons are a big no-no too.

May 2017

Over 26,000 Indian job seekers in Saudi to return

Over 26,000 Indian job seekers in Saudi to return

Saudi Arabian rules for the expatriate community has always been scrutinized and with over 26,000 job seekers to return to India soon, this only strengthens the argument further.

These job-seekers who were staying in Saudi Arabia either without valid documents or overstayed their visas with a hope to get another job are slated to return home under a 90-day amnesty scheme.

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