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02 Aug 2017

"Won't stay off social media", says Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump's Twitter addiction is well known; he recently made it clear that he wouldn't quit using social media as it was the only way for him to "get the truth out".

The tweet comes a day after retired military personnel General John Kelly became Trump's new chief of staff.

Meanwhile, check out Trump's tweet here.

In context

Won't quit using social media, says Trump

Trump's tweet

Kelly to administer Trump's use of social media?


Kelly to administer Trump's use of social media?

The US President has time and again taken to Twitter to share his thoughts on everything - policy, insinuations, fake media et al.

With Kelly's entry into the White House, it is being speculated that the former Secretary of Homeland Security would tone down Trump's social media usage.

It is also being said that Kelly would bring discipline in the White House.

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Republicans, Democrats, voters criticize Trump's use of Twitter

While it was the social media which helped Trump win the Presidential elections, a recent polling showed 71 percent voters felt his tweets upset the party's agenda and only 17 percent believed they were helpful. Meanwhile, Republicans and Democrats too criticized Trump's use of Twitter.

Controversial tweets

Trump's tryst with Twitter

Be it lashing out at investigations over links between his 2016 campaign and Russian government or his sexist insults, Trump's rants on Twitter have made headlines ever since. Here are some of them:

On June 29, Trump attacked the hosts of Morning Joe because they critiqued him.

While on another occasion, the President himself tweeted a bizarre word "covfefe" thereby attracting huge attention.

Chinese government too wishes Trump stops tweeting

The Chinese government also wishes US President Donald Trump would stop tweeting. Xinhua, Beijing's official news agency scoffed Trump and his addiction to Twitter as emotional venting. The Chinese editorial's statement came after Trump bashed China on Twitter.

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