Who is Bobby Jindal?

Who is Bobby Jindal?
  • Bobby Jindal is the first non-white and 55th Governor of Louisiana, US.
  • His parents had immigrated to US from India in 1971, six months before he was born on 10 June 1971.
  • He had first unsuccessfully contested for Governor in 2003 but won later in 2007 and 2011.
  • He has often been criticized in media for distancing himself from his Indian heritage.

Jindal to run for US President

24 Jun 2015
Jindal to run for US President
  • Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal announced his candidacy for US President.
  • Speaking at an events center in New Orleans, he said that it was time for a doer to take office.
  • He said that under him the state's population grew faster with more people moving to Louisiana than leaving it.
  • However, Jindal was often criticized for Louisiana's high unemployment and poverty rate.

Jindal criticized for his Presidential campaign slogan

7 Jul 2015
Jindal criticized for his Presidential campaign slogan
  • Bobby Jindal had sent an email to his supporters with the slogan 'Tanned, rested and ready'.
  • The email noted that the slogan was meant to mock the American media's obsession with his skin color.
  • Twitter users criticized him for calling himself black.
  • The Nixon foundation pointed out that his slogan was copied from a satirical T-shirt featuring Richard Nixon in 1988.

Trump an unstable narcissist: Jindal

10 Sep 2015
Trump an unstable narcissist: Jindal
  • In a bid to lift his campaign, Jindal called Republican Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump an unstable narcissist.
  • He said that Trump was a shallow person and had no idea about policy making.
  • He added that Trump shouldn't be elected as President just because he is entertaining.
  • Trump responded by saying that he did not answer to people who had no chance of winning.

Financial problems for Bobby


At the end of September 2015, Jindal had only $260,000 to spend while failing to raise more money for his campaign.

Bobby Jindal suspends USA Presidential campaign

18 Nov 2015
Bobby Jindal suspends USA Presidential campaign
  • Bobby Jindal suspended his Presidential campaign saying this was not his time.
  • He was the first Indian-American to make a bid for the US Presidency.
  • He said that it was an honour to run for the President of the United States.
  • His campaign had failed to gain much enthusiasm among the Indian- Americans and also reportedly suffered financial problems.

Jindal- the third Republican to exit


Jindal became the third Republican to opt out of the 2016 presidential race, the other two being -- former Texas governor Rick Perry and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. 14 Republicans now remain in the race for President.