Bobby Jindal suspends USA Presidential campaign

18 Nov 2015 | By Kartikeya Jain

Bobby Jindal suspended his Presidential campaign saying this was not his time.

He was the first Indian-American to make a bid for the US Presidency.

He said that it was an honour to run for the President of the United States.

His campaign had failed to gain much enthusiasm among the Indian- Americans and also reportedly suffered financial problems.

In context: End of Bobby Jindal's Presidential campaign

Introduction Who is Bobby Jindal?

Bobby Jindal is the first non-white and 55th Governor of Louisiana, US.

His parents had immigrated to US from India in 1971, six months before he was born on 10 June 1971.

He had first unsuccessfully contested for Governor in 2003 but won later in 2007 and 2011.

He has often been criticized in media for distancing himself from his Indian heritage.

24 Jun 2015Jindal to run for US President

Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal announced his candidacy for US President.

Speaking at an events center in New Orleans, he said that it was time for a doer to take office.

He said that under him the state's population grew faster with more people moving to Louisiana than leaving it.

However, Jindal was often criticized for Louisiana's high unemployment and poverty rate.

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Jindal criticized for his Presidential campaign slogan

7 Jul 2015Jindal criticized for his Presidential campaign slogan

Bobby Jindal had sent an email to his supporters with the slogan 'Tanned, rested and ready'.

The email noted that the slogan was meant to mock the American media's obsession with his skin color.

Twitter users criticized him for calling himself black.

The Nixon foundation pointed out that his slogan was copied from a satirical T-shirt featuring Richard Nixon in 1988.

10 Sep 2015Trump an unstable narcissist: Jindal

In a bid to lift his campaign, Jindal called Republican Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump an unstable narcissist.

He said that Trump was a shallow person and had no idea about policy making.

He added that Trump shouldn't be elected as President just because he is entertaining.

Trump responded by saying that he did not answer to people who had no chance of winning.

Financial problems for Bobby

At the end of September 2015, Jindal had only $260,000 to spend while failing to raise more money for his campaign.

18 Nov 2015Bobby Jindal suspends USA Presidential campaign

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Jindal- the third Republican to exit

Jindal became the third Republican to opt out of the 2016 presidential race, the other two being -- former Texas governor Rick Perry and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. 14 Republicans now remain in the race for President.