#VenezuelaCrisis: 2 killed in rebel attack on army base

06 Aug 2017 | By Abheet Sethi

On August 6, at least 20 people attacked a military base in the central Venezuelan city of Valencia.

At least 2 attackers were killed, one injured and seven were arrested.

Earlier, a video posted online showed uniformed men proclaiming they were rebelling against a "murderous tyranny."

The attack comes amid growing protests against President Nicolas Maduro's rule.

In context: Crisis-hit Venezuela's worsening situation

BackgroundCrisis in Venezuela explained

Venezuela has an oil-based economy stemming from its vast energy reserves.

The slump in oil prices has compounded a pre-existent economic crisis, leading to severe shortages of food, medicine and other essential items.

Inflation in the country is at 700%.

This has sparked violent protests against the Maduro regime, leaving at least 100 dead since April.

01 Aug 2017Maduro claims victory in controversial constituent assembly vote

On August 1, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro claimed victory in the controversial election for the constituent assembly.

Electoral officials announced that the election turnout was 41.5% while the opposition, which has refused to recognize it, said 88% of voters had abstained.

The election was marred by violent nationwide protests leaving at least 10 people dead.

The US has responded by slapping sanctions on Maduro.

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Why does Maduro want a new constituent assembly?

Dictatorship?Why does Maduro want a new constituent assembly?

The election would lead to the replacement of the opposition-controlled legislative body, the National Assembly, with a new 545-member constituent assembly.

All members of the constituent assembly have been nominated by the Maduro administration.

The assembly can draft or adopt a new constitution, which Maduro feels would facilitate "reconciliation and peace" in a polarized country.

The opposition considers it a move towards dictatorship.

06 Aug 2017#VenezuelaCrisis: 2 killed in rebel attack on army base

"Immediate reaction"Maduro says "terrorist attack" sponsored by Colombia and US

Maduro praised the military for its "immediate reaction" in quelling the attack.

He said the incident was a "terrorist attack" carried out by mercenaries backed by anti-government leaders based in the US and Colombia.

Maduro said security forces have launched a manhunt for the escaped attackers.

A first lieutenant who had deserted military was among those arrested.

Rebel statementRebel group releases video calling for action against Maduro

On August 6, a man claiming to be Juan Caguaripano said his rebel group 41st Brigade was taking a stand against "murderous tyranny of President Nicolás Maduro."

"This is not a coup but a civil and military action to re-establish constitutional order," he said.

The Venezuelan military has continued to remain loyal to the Maduro regime despite months of violent protests.

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08 Aug 2017#VenezuelaCrisis: Hackers target government sites to protest against "Maduro's dictatorship"

A hackers group identifying itself as "The Binary Guardians," has hacked multiple Venezuelan government sites targeting President Nicolas Maduro's "dictatorship."

The hackers posted messages in support of a group of 20 armed men who attacked a Venezuelan military base in the central city of Valencia on August 6.

Protests against Maduro's attempts at changing the Venezuelan constitution have left over 100 dead.