Trump breaks 64-years of precedent, gives just one solo presser

08 Aug 2017 | Written by Abheet Sethi; Edited by Anupama Vijayakumar
Trump's aversion to fielding questions from the press

US President Donald Trump's dislike for the news media is no secret, he largely prefers Twitter for disseminating information.

He has frequently criticized and derided some of the most respectable media organizations as "fake news."

It's no surprise then that Trump has only given one solo press conference since taking office 200 days ago, breaking with 64 years of precedent among US presidents.

In context: Trump's aversion to fielding questions from the press

02 Aug 2017"Won't stay off social media", says Donald Trump

Trump's Twitter addiction is well known. On August 2, he made it clear that he wouldn't quit using social media as it was the only way for him to "get the truth out".

The tweet came a day after retired military personnel General John Kelly became Trump's new chief of staff.

This raised questions that Kelly might tone down the President's social media usage.

08 Aug 2017Trump breaks 64-years of precedent, gives just one solo presser

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Obama gave 9 pressers, Bush Sr - 18

Data comparisonObama gave 9 pressers, Bush Sr - 18

Barack Obama gave nine solo press conferences during the first 200 days of his term, according to CNN and the American Presidency Project at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Former President Lyndon B Johnson (1963-69) gave 19 solo pressers, most by any president.

George HW Bush (1989-93) follows with 18.

Ronald Reagan (1981-89) and George W Bush (2001-09) gave just three, each.

AnalysisIs Trump at war against media?

Much has been written about Trump administration's so-called war against media from Twitter to the White House press rooms.

Media on the other hand seems to be losing credibility in the age of 'fake news' and its obsession with Trump.

Trump's anger against intelligence leaks in mainstream media compromising national security is not entirely unjustified, albeit, lashing out on Twitter may be un-presidential.