Macri to be Argentina's next President

23 Nov 2015 | By Vaneet Randhawa

Mauricio Macri, the conservative opposition challenger won Argentina's presidential election.

This win will bring to an end more than 10 years of "free-spending leftist populism with a promise to open up the ailing economy to investors."

Argentines welcomed Macri's pledges to expand Latin America's third largest economy and weed out corruption.

Macri won 51.5 percent of the vote in the elections.

In context: Argentina gets a new President

5 Feb 2012FVP hopes dashed: no third term for Kirchner

Argentina does not permit "more than two consecutive terms" and hence its President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner could not contest.

Front for Victory (her party) speculated about a constitutional amendment to allow unlimited re-elections.

However, the idea was met with stern opposition and FVP failed to get the 2/3rd majority in the Congress to change the law.

19 Jul 2015Kirchner names Scioli as her successor

Unable to contest for a third term at office after a lack of majority, Argentine president Cristina Fernandez in a display of her political standing, confirmed Daniel Scioli as the Victory Font's (her party's) grouping presidential candidate.

Interior and Transport Minister Florencio Randazzo who was also supported by her, however was asked to step down from his candidacy.

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Conservative CampaignOpposition rolls out 'Let's Change' campaign

Macri's party wooed the people with its 'Let's Change' campaign.

He promised to work to remedy the "slow growth driven by unsustainable spending, inflation which was well above 20 percent and capital controls that have backfired to leave foreign reserves at nine-year lows."

It also proclaimed to end Argentina's messy debt default that is hampering passage to international credit markets.

10 Aug 2015Argentina's primary election results declare Scioli the winner

Argentina's primary elections called the PASO were held on 9 August 2015.

In order to be allowed to run in the main elections, the parties had to secure 1.5% or higher of the vote count in primary elections.

Scioli (FVP candidate) got the 38.41% of the vote securing an 8% point advantage over Macri.

The third place was secured by Sergio Massa.

26 Oct 2015Argentina's Congressional elections lead to a run-off

Daniel Scioli held 36.9% votes while Mauricio Macri of the opposition-held 34.3% in congressional elections.

The two would then meet in a presidential round which will decide which one of them will become President.

Since neither of the candidates could secure "at least 40 percent of votes and a 10-percentage-point lead" which is a necessity under the Argentinian system, a run-off will ensue.

Argentina's first ever presidential elections

Argentina's last and final round of voting concluded with the presidential elections (also called presidential run-off) on 22 November 2015.
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23 Nov 2015Macri to be Argentina's next President

Third non-Peronist Argentinian President

Mauricio Macri is the third non-Peronist leader since the end of military rule in 1983 in Argentina.