The Artura Trophy features a muscular bonnet, aerodynamic winglets, sleek LED headlamps,
and black alloy wheels. The rear side gets a
large wing, diffuser, dual exhausts, and LED


The McLaren Artura Trophy race car is backed
by a 3.0-liter, twin-turbo, liquid-cooled V6
engine. The mill develops a maximum power
output of 577hp.


The interiors of the McLaren Artura Trophy
race car are under the wraps. We expect it to
have a fixed racing bucket seat, a multi-switch
steering wheel, a roll cage, and a large screen.


The pricing details of the 2023 Artura
Trophy race car are unlikely to be made
public. However, we expect it to cost
upwards of £200,000 (Rs. 1.9 crore)
much like the Artura GT4.