Power Armor

Batman's suit—designed to fight Superman-has armored gauntlets and spiked cleats on boots. It can connect to power grids and comes with a sonic disruptor pistol.

Predator Suit

In 1991, a comic crossover saw our caped crusader fight Predator. To outmatch the deadliest hunter on earth, Batman designed a specific exoskeleton called the Predator Suit.

Stealth Suit

The armored suit could notably adapt to
all systems that tried to detect it. After that,
it would adjust itself to remain undetected. Batman even hid from Superman's X-ray vision.

Justice Buster

Created to combat members of the Justice League, the Justice Buster can track Flash's movements, dehydrate Aquaman of all moisture, and neutralize Green Lantern.

Hellbat Suit

Designed together by members of the
Justice League, the Hellbat Suit is clearly
the most powerful suit on this list. It was
forged specifically to enhance Batman's
physical abilities.