Illyana Rasputina or Magik is the sister
of Colossus, the X-Men member featured
prominently in Fox's Deadpool movies. She
can teleport through time and dimensions,
and destroy anything magical.


Legion or David Haller is the estranged son of Charles Xavier. He possesses abilities like
time travel, reality-warping, pyro-kinetic
telepathy, and probability manipulation.

Professor X

The X-Men get their name for Professor
Charles Xavier, the creator of the team.
Logically, he possesses immense power.
Xavier is regarded as the strongest telepath
who ever lived. 

Franklin Richards

Son of Fantastic Four co-founders Reed
Richards and Sue Storm, he's an Omega
mutant, the strongest category. His powers
include telepathy, time travel, and energy

Jean Grey 

Jean Grey was one of the original members
of the X-Men and combined with the Phoenix Force, she is the strongest Omega mutant on this list. She devoured a whole star and a planet once!