Rishi Kapoor 

After the Bollywood actor passed away in
April 2020 due to cancer, his role in Sharmaji
Namkeen was recast. Paresh Rawal was roped
in to portray Kapoor's character and complete the film.

Alice Pearce 

Pearce was famous for playing Gladys Kravitz
in the iconic sitcom Bewitched. Sadly, she
passed away due to ovarian cancer during
the second season and Sandra Gould was
recast as Kravitz.

Heath Ledger 

Ledger died due to an accidental overdose
on prescription medicines around the time
that he was working on The Imaginarium of
Doctor Parnassus. His character was re
conceptualized then.

Paul Walker 

When Walker died due to a car crash,
Universal Pictures originally decided to kill his
character in the Fast & Furious franchise. But
they eventually recast Walker's brother Cody.