In the Marvel Universe, the Hindu Gods
belong to a race called the Daevas. They
live in Nirvana and besides immortality, have a host of superhuman powers.


The leader of the Hindu pantheon, Vishnu
also has a seat at the Council of Godheads.
The strongest Marvel Hindu God confers
with the Norse and Greek Gods, Odin,
and Zeus.


Endowed with both brains and brawn, Brahma
is a chief figure of the Daevas race. Part of
the three chieftains of the Hindu pantheon,
his physiology makes him more powerful
than ordinary Gods.


The third member of the pantheon, Shiva
is the god of destruction and transformation.
He first appeared in Thor #301, but it was
later retconned that it was Indra, disguised
as Shiva. 


In the Marvel comics, Indra's origin is
slightly murky but he is presented as the
most powerful warrior god in the pantheon.
Indra has appeared in issues like Chaos War.