Beta Ray Bill 

Bill, the chosen protector of Korbinites, an alien race, deserves special mention to be
the first character to lift Thor's hammer,
outside Marvel's Norse mythology. 


Despite the hammer's inscription, "unworthy" characters or villains have been able to lift Thor's hammer. Magneto lifted the hammer once by cheating in Marvel's Ultimate Universe.

Red Hulk 

Hulk has never been able to lift Thor's hammer in films. However, in the comics during a space battle, Red Hulk had used the lack of gravity and his own strength to smash Thor with Mjolnir.


No one could be further from lifting the hammer than the god of mischief. However, in comics, an inversion spell turned the heroes into villains once. Loki became worthy of Mjolnir then.

Captain America

Last but not the least, the First Avenger famously lifted the mighty hammer in Avengers: Endgame. In the comics, he
has done so on numerous occasions.