London Files on Voot 

This crime thriller follows a detective (Arjun Rampal) as he reluctantly investigates a missing person case in London. The series premieres on April 21.

Oh My Dog on Amazon Prime Video 

This Tamil/Telugu drama depicts the emotional bond between a dog and a boy. Starring Vinay Rai, Arun Vijay, and Mahima Nambiar, the film releases on April 21.

Guilty Minds on Amazon Prime Video

The legal drama follows two young, ambitious lawyer friends: one who is the epitome of virtue and another who works for a leading law firm. It premieres on April 22.

Anantham on

Anantham is a Tamil drama centered on tricky family dynamics as the members uncover shocking truths about each other. The show will release on April 22.

Antakshari on SonyLIV

The crime thriller stars Saiju Kurup as a cop who takes it upon himself to investigate an unsolved crime. The movie premieres on
April 22.

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