Thor: Love and Thunder has premiered,
finally revealing Christian Bale's look as the antagonist, Gorr the God Butcher. While the cinematic version is out, know more about Gorr, per the comics.

Origin story

In the comics, young Gorr questioned his faith in the Gods when both of his parents died. Years later, he loses all faith following the death of his partner and their kids.


Once, Gorr witnessed two Gods in a desert—one dead and the other injured. It's here that the dead God's weapon binds itself to Gorr giving him the power to stab the surviving God.


The weapon that binds itself to Gorr is
the Necrosword. All symbiotes of Marvel Comics (like Venom) descend from this weapon. It allows for immortality and other superhuman abilities.

Gorr v/s Thor

After his first kill, Gorr becomes the God
Butcher, eventually facing the Asgardian
God of Thunder, Thor. They have multiple
encounters, with Thor ultimately defeating