Helps in
weight loss

High in dietary fiber, mangosteen is cholesterol-
free, and has low calories and zero saturated
fats that aid weight loss. It has anti-inflammatory properties that prevent obesity.

Helps to
boost immunity

Loaded with Xanthones, vitamin C, and fiber,
mangosteen helps to maintain a healthy
immune system. Its antibacterial properties
also fight against harmful bacteria.

skin health

Mangosteen can protect your skin against
various infections due to its anti-microbial
and anti-bacterial properties. Xanthone and
vitamin C in it repair the damaged skin cells.

Improves your
digestive health

Mangosteen helps to prevent constipation and
promotes smooth bowel movement. The peel and
pericarp of the fruit are also effective in treating
diarrhea and dysentery.

your heart health

Mangosteen helps to dilate the blood vessels
and activates the healthy flow of blood to the
vital organs of your body. It also helps in regulating your blood pressure.