and chholar daal

Luchi is a palatable fluffy deep-fried sphere made with flour. Chholar dal is slightly sweet and spicy and goes perfectly with luchi. It’s a favorite Bengali breakfast dish.

Basanti pulao

Although a savory rice dish, Basanti pulao is quite sweet. This fragrant rice dish is cooked with raisins, cashews, and lots of sugar. It’s usually prepared during auspicious occasions. 

Mochar ghonto

Mocha means banana flower in Bengali.
This lip-smacking vegetarian dish is made primarily with banana florets, desiccated coconut, small cubes of potato, and garam masala.

Bhetki paturi

Bhetki paturi is a slow-cooked fish coated
in mustard and coconut paste, and wrapped
in a banana leaf. The word paturi means leaf, signifying the leaf parcel used in the recipe.

Chingri machher
malai curry

This jumbo prawn dish is an age-old favorite for
its aromatic and smoky flavor. Marinated prawns
are stuffed in a tender coconut shell and slow
cooked in a clay oven.