Apple rabdi

Boil and simmer milk for 10 minutes.
Add grated apple and simmer for two-three minutes. Add cardamom and nutmeg powder and mix. Let it cool. Add a sugar substitute, mix and refrigerate.

strawberry ice cream

Mix cornflour and cold milk. Boil milk, add the cornflour mixture, and stir. Add strawberries once cool. Freeze for six hours. Blend and freeze it again. Serve chilled.

Oats kheer

Roast one cup of oats. Boil milk, along with cardamom, dates, raisins, and almonds for
five minutes. Add roasted oats and cook until thick. Garnish with dates and almonds, and serve.

Anjeer barfi

Grind soaked anjeer and saute it in ghee.
Mix condensed milk, cardamom powder,
and cashew powder, and spread the mixture
on butter paper. Sprinkle khus khus powder.
Slice into barfi.

Chocolate mousse

Melt dark chocolate and salted butter.
Whip together coconut cream, stevia, and cocoa powder and add to the chocolate-butter mixture. Garnish with berries and
mint leaves. Serve cold.