Medu vada

Made with urad dal, salt, black pepper, asafoetida, ginger, green chilies, and coriander leaves, medu vada is spongy, and delicious with a savory flavor. It goes best with coconut chutney.

Banana chips

Soak the banana slices in a mixture of
water, turmeric, and salt for five minutes.
Drain the bananas and fry them in coconut
oil. Sprinkle some chili powder, and salt,
and enjoy.


Punugulus are fried dumplings that are popular in the coastal regions of Andhra Pradesh. These are spongy from the inside and crisp from the outside. You can enjoy them with tomato chutney.


Made with rice flour, dhuli urad dal, salt, sesame oil, asafoetida, and butter, murukkus are golden fried in oil. They have a unique twisty shape, savory flavor, and crunchy texture.


Achappam is a rose-shaped snack from
South India. Made with coconut milk, rice
flour, beaten eggs, sesame seeds, salt,
sugar, and vanilla essence, these snacks
are deep-fried in oil.