Pakhala Bhata

Pakhala bhata is made from rice that is
soaked overnight. Then some curd is added
to it along with different spices. The dish is
usually served with Badi Chura and papad.


Pilaf is usually prepared by sauteing the
rice in some oil and mixed spices to give it
a pungent texture. Pilaf is also available in different varieties — with dry fruits, meat,
and vegetables.


Santula is a mixed vegetable curry made
with brinjal, tomato, raw papaya, beans,
carrot, and flavored with different spices.
It is also healthy, has less oil, and is packed
with nutrients.


A popular sweet dish in Odisha, khaja is a crispy and sweet fritter that is also served
as a prasad in Puri's iconic Jagannath Temple daily. It is made using sugar and refined wheat flour.

Chhena poda

Chhena Poda is basically a cheesecake with
an Odia twist. It is made with semolina, sugar
syrup, homemade cottage cheese, ghee, and
dry fruits and is baked to perfection until