Boosts your immunity

Packed with Vitamin C and other essential minerals that act as antioxidants, African pear helps to strengthen your immune system and enables it to fight against several infections.

Protects your heart

African pear has saturated and unsaturated fatty acids that are great for your heart. It has tiny clustered seeds enclosed by mesocarp that reduces blood pressure and prevents stroke.

Skin health

Rich in antioxidants like Vitamin C and healthy fats, African pear is excellent for your skin. It reduces blemishes, promotes skin regeneration, prevents aging, and makes your skin radiant.

Strengthens teeth and bones

Rich in high amounts of calcium and phosphorus, African pear is extremely healthy for your bones and teeth. It is also well-known to prevent bone pain and stiff joint.

Prevents constipation

African pear comprises soluble fiber content that helps in bowel movement by adding bulk to stool. The lignin, pectin, and cellulose in it prevent the action of digestive enzymes.