5 health benefits of black rice

Improves eye health

Black rice, rich in vitamin E and carotenoids, help protect the healthy cells in your retina. Including it in your daily diet also prevents the growth of cancerous cells.

Protects against diabetes

Being rich in fiber which helps in maintaining consistent sugar levels, the plant-based chemicals in black rice can also improve your body's sensitivity to insulin.

Improves heart health

Regular consumption of black rice has a positive impact on the heart. It regulates cholesterol and triglycerides levels, thus bringing down the risk of developing heart diseases.

Aids weight loss

Research has shown that fiber in black rice keeps you fuller for long, curbs hunger, and reduces calorie intake. People with gluten intolerance can also consume it.

Improves hair health

The antioxidants present in black rice are also beneficial for hair. Regular consumption can treat split ends, add volume to your hair, and make them shiny.