skin health

Guavas have anti-aging properties. Vitamins
A and C and antioxidants like carotene and
lycopene protect the skin from developing
wrinkles and regain radiance. 

your immunity

Rich in vitamin C, guavas help to reduce
the duration of a common cold. It also helps
to kill viruses that can cause infections, thus
protecting you from pathogen attacks.

maintain gut health

One guava a day fulfills about 12% of
the recommended daily intake of fiber.
This richness of fiber makes guava highly
beneficial for the digestive tract.

weight loss

Guava helps in weight loss by regulating your metabolism. As it is a healthy and filling snack,
it satiates your stomach quickly, thus reducing hunger pangs.

Keeps the
heart healthy

Guavas improve the sodium and potassium
balance of the body, regulating blood pressure
in people suffering from hypertension. They
help lower the levels of bad cholesterol.