Helps to
prevent diabetes

Despite its sweet taste, the fruit contains
low sugar levels. Therefore, it can prevent the
body's sugar levels from escalating. It is also
loaded with dietary fibers.

your vision

Papayas are packed with vitamin A, which
is great for eye health. It also protects the
eyes from age-related macular degeneration,
which can cause blurring or vision loss.

Good for
arthritis patients

Papaya contains papain, an anti-inflammatory compound that reduces pain and stiffness in
bones. Regular consumption of papaya can
build up calcium in the body.

Can cure
menstrual pain

Papaya helps in contracting the uterus
muscles, which eases the painful flow during
periods. It also contains carotene, a substance
that helps to induce regular periods.

Boosts immunity
and digestion

Loaded with vitamin C and antioxidants,
papayas can help improve your immunity.
Rich in fiber and water content, it also keeps
digestive problems at bay.