Reduces anxiety

Rosemary reduces stress and keeps you relax. According to a study, 20 healthy young adults who inhaled rosemary aroma for four-10 minutes experienced improved concentration, performance, and mood. 

Prevents cancer risk

According to several studies, rosemary has anti-cancer properties which help in preventing the risk of cancer. Carnosic acid in rosemary can slow the growth of cancer cells.

Boosts your immunity

Packed with antioxidants and anti- inflammatory compounds, rosemary can help boost the immune system and improve circulation. It also helps neutralize free radicals.

Great for the hair

Rosemary is highly effective in promoting hair growth and strengthening your hair follicles. It also treats dandruff,  itchy and flaky scalp, and reduces hair damage.

Helps in digestion

Packed with anti-inflammatory properties, rosemary is beneficial for your digestive tract. It can soothe heartburn, ease bloating and reduce intestinal gas.