Rava dosa:
Thin and crispy

Made with semolina, flour, rice flour, and spices, rava dosa is very crispy. It is low
in carbs and much healthier than regular dosa. Even diabetic patients can enjoy it.

Millet dosa:
A vegan option

Made with pearl millet and urad dal, this dosa
is packed with fiber, potassium, protein, iron,
and magnesium. It's safe for diabetics as
millets control blood sugar levels.

Neer dosa:
Light and gluten-free

Neer dosa is a Mangalorean delicacy that originated in Karnataka's Tulu Nadu region.
It is light and gluten-free and doesn't require any oil for preparation.

Set dosa: Relish
a stack of dosas

Set dosa is usually made with urad dal,
rice, and poha. It is soft, light, and spongy
like a pancake. Cooked only on one side
it's served in a set of two or three.

Adai dosa: A
thicker preparation

Adai dosa is prepared with different lentils, rice, and spices. It is thick and heavy in texture. Unlike other dosas, adai doesn't
go through a fermentation process.