Rava dosa

It is made with semolina, all-purpose flour,
rice flour, & spices. You can add potato or
paneer stuffing with onions, chilies, &
coriander leaves. Good for diabetics as
it isn't made of rice.

Millet dosa

This vegan & gluten-free dosa features
pearl millet & urad dal. It's loaded with fiber,
potassium, protein, iron, & magnesium, perfect
for maintaining weight & blood sugar levels.

Neer dosa

This dosa is a Mangalorean delicacy from
Karnataka. It's made with soaked rice, salt,
& water. It is thin, light, gluten-free, & doesn't
have oil. The batter is watery, hence the name

Set dosa

Set dosa or sponge dosa from Karnataka
is made with urad dal, rice, & poha. It's soft,
light, spongy, & resembles a pancake. Cooked
only on one side, it's served in a set of two or

Adai dosa

Adai dosa is made of lentils, rice, & spices.
It's thick & packed with proteins & carbs.
The dosa is not fermented and is best served
with coconut chutney or avial (mixed vegetable