Bhut jolokia

Also called "ghost pepper," it is a hybrid
chili cultivated mostly in the northeastern
region of the country. The ripe peppers
are roughly two-three inches long and
one inch wide.


Northeast's bird's eye chili is the tiniest
of all the chilies found in India, but it scores
high on the heat scale. They are widely
used in Manipur and Mizoram to make
pickles and chutneys.

Guntur sannam

Andhra Pradesh is home to the guntur sannam chili which has four variants depending on the variation in their red color. Rich in vitamin C
and protein, this chili has a thick skin.

Kashmiri chilies

Grown in Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh, Kashmiri chilies are famous for their distinct deep red color. They are used extensively
to add color to dishes without making them
too spicy. 

Byadagi chili

Byadagi chili is grown in Karnataka and
named after the town Byadgi. This chili is
also known for its deep red color and less
heat. They come in two types: dabbi and