Comte is a rich flavored semi-hard cheese.
It is one of the most famous kinds of cheeses
in France. The taste is mild and slightly sweet. Pack it in the container while traveling.

Francais Est-Central

Emmental Francais Est-Central is a cooked cheese made from unpasteurized cow's milk.
It is mold-pressed and matured for at least two and a half months before consumption.


Mimolette is a semi-hard orange cheese made from cow milk. Originally produced in the Lille region of France, this cheese goes very well with wines and savory dishes.

Bleu de Saint-Jean

Bleu de Saint-Jean originates from Normandy.
It is made of raw cow's milk and is available
in about one-kilogram masses. The texture is
hard and dense with a buttery aroma.

Bouton de culotte

Bouton de culotte is a traditional French
cheese from Burgundy. They come in tiny
forms of 30-40 grams each. Made with raw
goat's milk, the texture of this cheese is hard
and dry.