Originating from South India, Appam is made of fermented rice batter and coconut milk. It's available in variations like plain appam, egg appam, neyappam, achappam, and many more.


Crepe is from Brittany, France. This iconic pancake dates back to the 13th century & can be both sweet and savory. People in France usually have it for lunch and dinner. 


Boxty is a potato pancake from Ireland that is made using grated raw potato and flour, and they can be made on both a griddle as well as a pan. It is served as breakfast and also with tea.


Hwajeon is a Korean pan-friend rice cake. It's made using glutinous rice flour, honey, and edible flower petals like cherry blossom, pea flower, rose, cockscomb, goldenbell, and chrysanthemum.


Injera is a fermented, spongy pancake-like flat bread that is made using teff flour and water. Served with vegetables, lentils, or meat, it is a staple in Ethiopia, Eritrea, and parts of Sudan.