Kalpasi is a fungus that is found in the
form of all-spice mixtures. It adds a unique
essence to food. Lucknow’s Potli Masala
and Maharashtra's Goda Masala use Kalpasi.


Sandalwood powder used to be a key
ingredient in the original recipe of Galouti
kebab from the Awadhi cuisine. It is also
used to prepare sherbets and teas.

Dried rose petals

Rose petals are used as flavoring agents
in tea or combined with a blend of other herbs for herbal teas. They are also used for their aroma in gulab jamun, ice creams, and kulfi.

White cardamom

Infused with a light flavor, white cardamom found a prominent place in royal dishes.
White cardamoms are used when there's
a very slight requirement of flavor.

Kapok buds

Kapok buds are extremely popular down
south and are used to make bisi bele
baath in Karnataka. The taste of kapok
buds is somewhere between that of black pepper and mustard.