Gjetost is a very unique Scandinavian cheese. It is mostly eaten as a dessert cheese or sliced and on toast for breakfast. Gjetost also pairs well with coffee. It is also called whey cheese.

Irish Porter cheddar

Irish Porter is made by separating the
curds and whey using vegetable rennet.
This gourmet cheese is tangy, full, and chocolatey to taste with a pungent finish.


Mimolette is a semi-hard orange cheese from France. Made from cow milk, it is originally produced in the Lille region of France, and
so it's also called Boule de Lille.

Monte Enebro

Monte Enebro is a soft goat cheese from
Spain. It has a blue-gray coating on the
outside of the cheese. It is made from
pasteurized goat milk and can be eaten
both young and aged.

Wensleydale cheese

Wensleydale cheese is made from cow
milk and sold at only three weeks old.
The cheese has a sweet fruity flavor of
fruits like cranberries or apples with deep
honey notes.