Turkish delight

These are little squares of gummy sweets
with a jelly-like texture. These are based on
a gel of starch and sugar and come in flavors
of rosewater, Bergamot orange, and lemon.


Baklava is a layered pastry filled with
chopped nuts and sweetened with syrup,
typically made of phyllo dough. It is usually
sweet and moist oozing with a lemon-infused syrup.


Traditionally made with string pastry, this
Middle Eastern dessert is soaked in sugar
based syrup and layered with cheese, clotted
cream, or pistachio. It originated in the Arab


Helva refers to a group of sweets found in Turkey and the Middle East, mostly made with toasted semolina. There are two kinds of helva you can try. 

Tavuk Gogsu

This is a Turkish pudding made with finely shredded chicken breast. The meat is boiled,
softened, then pounded until smooth. It is
mixed with milk, sugar, cracked rice, and