Miso soup

A traditional Japanese food, miso is made
using fermented soybeans. The soup is
made with miso paste and dashi broth
and served as a side dish with traditional
Japanese meals.


Tempura is crunchy deep-fried pieces of vegetables, meat, or fish coated in tempura batter. Pale gold in color, tempura is mostly made of small shellfish like prawns, or vegetables. 

Bento box

The Bento boxes are boxed meals and
contain a variety of items. There's a little bit
of everything in small quantities, like rice,
pickled vegetables, and a choice of protein.

Japanese noodles

There are various kinds of noodles, but one
of the most famous ones is ramen. Ramen,
in Japanese cuisine, are fresh noodles made
of wheat, served in a hot broth with egg or


Wagashi represent a wide variety of
traditional Japanese sweets made with
ingredients, like rice, agar, anko and
bean paste, nuts, and sugar. These
are considered healthy sweets.